How Does Holistic Ruby Select Ingredients For Their Product ?

We try to buy natural, organic, fair trade , pure ingredients for all our products, from reputable suppliers we personally know. All our products are created with the highest safety and efficacy in mind .

Do Holistic Ruby's Products Contain Alcohol or other Synthetic Additives?

All our products contain only 100% natural ingredients with no additives , emulsifiers or synthetic fragrance's added 

How to use the Aura Mist ?

Our Aura Mists are for external use only and not to be consumed internally . They are designed to be sprayed in the Aura and work on the subtle energy level. Please use 7 pumps and spray in your energy  field beginning at the top of your head.

When used as a bath additive caution should be used to only use as directed e.g 7 sprays per bath 

Does The Efficacy Become Tainted During Shipping?

All our Aura Mists & Gem Elixirs are packaged in special materials designed to shield from all negative energy even EMR.

How to Store Holistic Ruby Aura Mist & Gem Elixirs ?

keep them in a cool dry dark place and away from the energy fields of electric and electronic devices.

Do Holistic Ruby Aura Mist & Gem Elixirs have a use by date ? 

These products are handmade, to order  with no artificial  preservatives or additives ,they are sold in smaller sizes and should be stored as directed and  be used within a month of opening. If you keep them stored in the original protective wrapping they arrive in they can be used within two months  

Are Holistic Products Safe to Use During Pregnancy ?

All our products are at the dilution that if used as directed they have no contra indication. We strongly recommend that you do not mix the Aura Mist together and do not exceed recommended usage.

If you are using any other energetic medicine consult your practitioner or doctor should you have any concerns regarding your specific circumstances.

Are The Aura Mists and Gem Elixirs Safe For Children ?

Gem Elixirs are not recommended for minors. Aura Mists can be used for children over 7 years old , the recommended dose is 3 pumps of spray 

How do I get in touch ?

In the first instance please email us your enquiry via the contact form or you can email us at support@holisitcruby.com we aim to respond within 24 - 48 hrs.If for any reason you need to follow up with your enquiry please call us on 07900 806574