Our Story




Holistic Ruby is a spiritual and heart led business specialising in spiritual healing and development products.

Who we are

Holistic Ruby E-Commerce Shop has been created by Ruby and Alan.We are both accredited holistic healers and spiritual teachers.

During our evolving journey as energy healers and teachers we have become sensitive to the energy of what are called spiritual tools, the everyday bits and bobs that are used to carry out our holistic work.

We have always striven to attain and use the highest quality supplies, what we refer to as having the highest energetic integrity

What we do

As multi-dimensional energy healers, our purpose is to guide and support  the healing, empowerment and development of others. Our shop has been an extension of our therapy and teaching practice as clients and students asked us to supply them with the same quality products we use.   

Our own organic growth over many years on the spiritual path has led us to use our knowledge and wisdom to create therapeutic products that we found hard to source on the open market. These are our original Holistic Ruby Aura Mists, Gem Elixirs and handmade shamanic tools.

All these products have been bought and created for our clients, students and customers energetic and spiritual benefit and as such this has been at the fore front in our choice of what we do and don’t use


Our products

 At Holistic Ruby we live and breathe our spiritual philosophy with all the products you will find in our shop having been tried and tested on a spiritual and energetic level in our healing practice, so we know they are effective in their therapeutic purpose.

We do our utmost to use all natural, organic, fair trade, unprocessed, responsibly sourced and pure ingredients in our products. We personally know all our suppliers so we know how and where they are made – from  the raw ingredients all the way to your doorstep.

We use a percentage of the profits from our shop sales towards funding concession rates and bursaries, allowing us to offer preferential rates for those in genuine need.

Centre and balance the physical and mental self, align your energy and rejuvenate your spirit with our brand new Holistic Ruby Aura Mists, Gem Elixirs and Gift Boxes – tailor made for your specific energy needs.

Thank You for Supporting Holistic Ruby